Where your brand is the total experience of the consumer, our collaboration is all about putting the right experiences in front of the right consumers, when and where they are expecting to see it.


Today, Intelli-Global is a leading analytics and marketing service provider specializing in machine learning and advanced analytics which integrates market research and exabyte-levels of digital data behavior for executable strategies and campaigning. Intelli-Global aggregates the most predictive and atomic-level consumer demographics, lifestyle, credit, property and other data, and transaction behavior into consumer-centric views. Derivations, behavior models and dynamic segmentation schemes create digital touchpoints which hyper-lift acquisition, cross sell, upsell and retention campaigning across all media.


This is accomplished within co-authored business models, and marketing strategies and campaign tactics designed to meet and exceed annual objectives. We are in this as partners with our clients C-level teams. We focus on industries where there’s the need for advanced analytics and marketing across large consumer bases. Headquartered in Boston, MA, in 2012, Intelli-Global expanded the reward winning services of Intellidyn, a Fortune 500 company which was established in 2000.

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Peter’s career to date is a unique combination of leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies, as an entrepreneur in his start-up companies and in the roles of re-building and accelerating growth in venture-backed companies. From Verizon to Chase to GE and his own start-ups these companies spanned engineering, financial services, advanced marketing technology practices and AI. A common thread throughout his career is leading businesses from concepts to large scale enterprises.
Peter’s experience is focused in creating and integrating the disciplines of management of field and inter-departmental operations, business model/strategy development and execution, building massive data management and analytic platforms and leading organizations to meet/exceed their objectives. As a hands-on leader he is regarded as an innovator, driven by extreme “Combat Experience”.
As the digital age continues to advance Peter is passionate about staying at the leading edges of transforming technology and analytics into profit generating businesses. In accomplishing this he regards his teams as the most important assets and mentors individuals by challenging them to be outstanding in all facets of their health, family and career goals.


VP, Director of Analytic at INTELLIGLOBAL

Dmitri Kuznetsov is VP, Director of Analytics at Intelli-Global (former Intellidyn Corp.) since 2006. For Intelli-Global clients, he develops advanced mathematical, econometrical, sociophysical, and statistical predictive models and procedures for marketing, risks and financial data analysis, research, forecasting, and optimization.

Dmitri is founder and principle developer of a new concept of physics applications to analysis and planning of mass media processes known as Mediaphysics. Which includes major phenomena of real life, with a special attention to the powerful Word of Mouth. He has many publications in top research journals, and has been a featured speaker for many conferences. Articles about Mediaphysics and its author were published in Media Post and Business Week.


Achieving/Exceeding ROI Expectations



Where your brand is the total experience of the consumer, our collaboration is all about putting the right experiences in front of the right consumers, when and where they are expecting to see it and act on it. Consumer needs insight is achieved through Deep Learning integrating: Personal situations, social listening, current events, consumers' actions, outcomes. Our accountability is in bringing insights, through to executable marketing strategies, product differentiation and performance optimization. We employ a proprietary approach to developing quantitative marketing strategies that tie to meeting/exceeding financial goals


Our difference:

  • Extreme marketing technology "Combat Experience", growing up with the core marketing disciplines


Who do you trust to meet/exceed your MROI:

  • 20+ years of in-the-trenches marketing?


  • 5+ years of a SAAS or DAAS Martech platform development?


For years, we have embraced  Perspective,  Predictive and Prescriptive analytics.

In getting to the root drivers of personalization and consumer experience marketing to increase MROI, our data scientists know that transaction data is far more predictive than second and third party data.

Therefore, we employ consumer images, text, video views, integrated with sentiment and personal situations to take predictive accuracy and performance to new levels

So, we have created the ability to use the trillions of digital behavior variables to pinpoint consumers and deliver the experiences they expect to trigger purchases

  • PERSPECTIVE = What does he/she/it look like?

  • PREDICTIVE = Who is most likely to . . . ?

  • PRESCRIPTIVE = What should we do?


It all begins with Neuro-analytics and behavioral-driven modeling, with new precision data as predictive variables:

  • 200+ million consumers using 500+ million devices.

  • Trillions of mobile and desktop events

  • Thousands of atomic-level: demographic, property, financial assets, consumption and digital behavior variables

  • Hundreds of purchase propensity scores

  • Trillions of words analyzed per day using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand what online content individuals are consuming. 

"Firehoses" of daily images, videos, opinions, news and other content that individuals are consuming.



Practical Neuro-Marketing: where data and advanced analytics lifts performance by over 50 percent

*We're not talking use of brain imaging, or scanning to measure consumer response to product offers.

It's time to go beyond just:


  • Perfecting the Omni-channel experience of the consumer

  • The shopper/buyer journey

  • Identifying those most likely to buy

  • One-way push marketing

  • Personalization


  • Challenging ourselves to build consumer-preferred journeys that acquire new customers.

  • Immersing consumers into personal experiences that drive purchase decisions

  • Personal Journeys that immerse consumers into their emotions that drive digital word-of-mouth

  • Two-way relationship building that creates more intimate journeys over time

  • Delivering consumers their dreams


With consumer decisioning near real-time, dynamic content optimization is critical.

  • Optimum mixes of images, text, video and sentiment

  • Past content recognition for future content serving

  • Journey and Experience Story Telling

  • Vicarious Journey experiences

  • Personal situation-driven content serving



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CEO, Walter Investment Services

"Bright, entrepreneurial, driven to succeed and of high integrity. Our relationship across multiple companies has always been mutually profitable."


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