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Intellidyn Rolls Out Marketing Models to Help Lenders Target 'Jumbo Conforming' Borrowers

Marketing and technology companies in the mortgage industry have been scrambling to provide tools and services that can help lenders target borrowers for some of the newer lending programs being put in place in response to the ongoing housing crisis. One such company, Intellidyn Corporation, said Monday that it had rolled out new market sizing and predictive marketing models to assist retail mortgage lenders identify and market to homeowners who now qualify for refinancing as part of the so-called "jumbo conforming" limit established by Congress in a recent economic stimulus package. (language) "First move advantage is everything in a limited-time refinance market and the lender who reaches out first with a case-specific offer is most likely to convert those homeowner prospects to funded loans," said Intellidyn CEO Peter Harvey. "With the potential to fund larger average loan amounts, the stakes are high, but it's only a matter of time before homeowners and new homebuyers will be getting carpet-bombed with competitive offers." It's unclear if other solutions for targeting eligible borrowers exist, or if Intellidyn is first to market in this area

March 4, 2008 Paul Jackson

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