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How We Got Here

With the disciplines and insights from 12+ years of Fortune 500 experience, the team created Intellidyn which pioneered big data driven analytics. At its core was the construction of massive data warehouses and the design and execution of thousands of analytic-driven B2C and B2B marketing campaigns, across most industries. Unique to us pioneers: Deep data and analytic domain experience, the “What works” and What doesn’t”. The benefits to our clients: Fastest to market, with what works, at higher ROI. “Smaller haystacks, more needles".
Surviving the economic meltdown of 2009, we expanded our capabilities as Intelli-Global. We continued with the same business model: Results-based data management, analytic, strategy design/execution and performance reporting. Our clients benefitted from expanded data sources, multi-channel optimization, research vetted value propositions and more.

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